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Pastores - Leather, People & Business

Posted by Tony Utrera on

UTZ headquarters is based in antigua, Pastores is 15 minutes away. We've known it for quite a while, one of our first artisans, Don Checha, lives there. But we never really explored it until recently.

The main street has over 50 retail boot shops, (which of course I took the liberty of taking a picture of almost each one), I entered the shops, and talked with the owners for a bit. Competition must be hard....or so I thought. While each store fights to stand out, and do excellent work, I found that pretty much everybody knows everybody, and they are working together to fulfill the demand that rises. One needs supplies, and your neighbor will help. I found this really interesting, as you find sometimes the competition to be kind of hardcore/dirty in this industry. And with that friendliness UTZ can identify itself.

(video here)

As I rode the clasic tuktuk to the main street, i had time to think about what to expect in pastores, and I honestly was surprised. I loved the community, even though they thought I was from the states (probably still do), we got to hang out as "cuates" and will be passing by more often. The landscape of Pastores is pretty much like a very local mountain breeze, on one side a big mountan, and in the other the same, all green. One river close by struck me as the perfect way to describe the vibe in pastores....really really calm.


There's some trash in the river, but do not be fooled by this, that doesn't take away the beauty of walking and talking with the locals of Pastores. And you will never believe the whole "Boot" thing with pastores, til' you walk the walk. They even have a boot on their municipal coat of arms!


Please do visit Pastores whenever you are around here, it's a sight you'll remember, and maybe you'll take with you a little boot to brag about being there! We have a couple of products in our store that are made in pastores, check them out if you want (links to products)

What I'm really excited about, is to share all the wonderful pictures of shops, so dig in! (and if you wish to talk to someone from the shops, write to us!

(all pictures of shops...sliders?son un vergo pero creo que se miraria bonito,)





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