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Baberos De Etiqueta

Baberos de Etiqueta
Baberos de Etiqueta  started out as a joke, Sebastian, one of the founders, was always staining his clothes when he ate. He came up to be a very particular idea. It was born as a product for our founders' personal use, it actually became an idea of a brand when he met his co-founder. Natalia thought he had created a product with a big potential, so they came up with a name to make it a classy, elegant,  an Etiquette brand.With her background experience in textiles and design, they improved the materials and finishes of the product and with a lot of detail, Baberos de Etiqueta was born.  
Their products are 100% Guatemalan handmade. Carefully made by women hands in a small Haut Couture Workshop. 
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