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Benam & Co.

In 2015 Fernando Grajeda established B'enam&Co, a project that seeks to fuse urban lifestyles with the traditions of handmade textiles and the richness of his home country of Guatemala, honoring the legacy and heritage of the indigenous Qiché and Kakchiquel handwoven textiles. 

Our purpose is to provide people with fair jobs that will help reduce the immigration rates; whether to a different part of Guatemala, or illegally to another country, in search for better opportunities; while at the same time protecting and maintaining the heritage of the artisan's culture. In an attempt of allowing immigration as an adventure, not a necessity. 

We are adventurous. We can't go long in life without knowing that a new experience is just around the corner. For us, to travel is to live

We are nomads. Constantly dreaming about discovering a little bit more of this world in which we live. We cannot imagine a life without the thrill of jumping on the next plane, train, bus, boat or even bicycle. We take on the journey of experiencing different cultures. In our veins run the adrenaline of wanderlust, and it is exciting to live our "normal" lives amidst this great adventure. 

The word "B'enam" comes from the Mayan Kakchiquel language, and it means "to travel". This brand comes to life through Fernando's dream to have a lifestyle that would allow him to share his passion for travel and his love for Guatemala with others. While living in Barcelona he learned how to make shoes, and it was then and there when he discovered the satisfaction of making "something out of nothing" in an artisan makeshift fashion.