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NIM Apparel

NÏM Apparel comes from a culture that lives and breathes among asphalt, gasoline, leather, speed and two wheels.

Born to share the road and experiences, it is nourished by the friendship and camaraderie of those who, mounted on a motorcycle, we know enjoy and appreciate.

Three bikers friends, during our talks on the road, we discovered that we had similar tastes in products for motorcyclists.

So we started looking for them in the local market, but we could not find what we wanted.

Hence was born the idea to see if we could make them to our liking.

At first it was complicated because neither was a craftsman, but after a good search we have found artists and craftsmen who could turn our ideas into reality.

The products were a reality, our friends started asking an talking about them to other friends.

And there the idea was born to produce not only for us but for those who want a handmade product of high quality.