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On July 2015 Pablo was diagnosed with testicular cancer. After six chemotherapy cycles, on July, 2016, he underwent surgery to take out a residual tumor on his retro perineum. After the recovery, on July 2016, he was put on remission. Around February 2017, Pablo started feeling stomach pain. After a series of exams, a tumor blocking both intestines was found. He had surgery and got a temporary ileostomy. An inoperable tumor was left. So, he has received more chemotherapy, and the tumor has decreased 70%. This means there is no more intestinal obstruction and can proceed with the closing of the ileostomy.

 Currently, Pablo doesn’t have any medical insurance, so he has to pay upfront for the total cost of this surgery, which is US$6,000. We are starting this campaign selling these t-shirts to raise the funds for the surgery.

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