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UTZ Women Weavers

We can only measure an impact when we understand its context.

Our badges are tokens given to each brand and/or artisan, as a reward for their efforts to be relevant in their own contexts. When you purchase a product, you can trace/understand how your purchase matters and how it has a direct impact on people and their communities.

As the tribe grows, the impact spreads. We collaborate with each other to achieve more and to exchange lessons learned. This creates a much larger impact.

Development can be a very broad term when it comes to having an impact and changes meaning each time you see it under a specific lens. Even though it can be a general term, each day we work to connect more to the global ideas that seek sustainability in our world. Therefore, we connected our badges to the 17 goals of sustainability from the United Nations. We’re convinced these goals are the leading reasons to achieve a better world and we are committed to support them in the best way we can.

UTZ Sustainable Development Goals


When women lead in their communities, there is a proven trickle down effect: their families and communities thrive. Women are a positive force toward reaching their aspirations, they become the spark of transformation of their communities, families and new generations.


We love brands that breathe new life into old materials by creating amazing new products. They care about the process of capturing by-products, materials and fabrics before being discarded. They turn excess material into products of better quality while minimizing throw-out and waste.


Collaboration is a key part of creating true change. These brands are open to create new products based on their own strengths as well as what others can bring to the table. Hence great products can be created when great minds come together.


It’s great to see a product that went through an all handmade, all organic process. Using 100% organic dyes, cotton, and fabrics, brands have created products that are completely in tune with nature.


Always by hand and using traditional weaving methods, these brands pay special attention to retain processes of production used for generations. This means keeping traditions alive while giving them a place in the future of product creation.


The value of an artisan’s work in Guatemala has not been recognized in past years. Therefore we support brands that pay special attention to how they treat, pay, and inspire their artisans to achieve their dreams and work for a better life.


From recycled packaging to materials from renewable sources, these brands have a vision for progressive ideas that bring sustainability to their products and manufacturing methods.


In a context like ours where wealth is centralized, entrepreneurs can be the accelerators in their community. We encourage, support, and celebrate the brands that are emerging with an entrepreneurial spirit.


Education is a major need in Guatemala. These brands understand this, and invest in ideas that create opportunities for kids and youth to access knowledge and aspire to a better future.


Lack of access to economic stability is one of the biggest challenges in our country. Through the creation of generously paying jobs, subcontracted artisans become small entrepreneurs in their own trade. As they grow they start improving their livelihood.


When the artisans grow in business, they in time subcontract others around them. The brands focus on creating demand that will increase opportunities for the artisans’ community, specifically igniting economic growth for their peers.