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The UTZ Tribe

We are five Guatemalan adventurers, whose paths crossed in this journey. We believe in exploring problems, creating solutions and maintain a positive mind as a way of living. We are witnessing change and healthy collaboration between different sectors of our society.

We are normal people who believe in good vibes and the pursuit of happiness.

We are part of a society and part of something greater than ourselves. We are social entrepreneurs.

We are UTZ.

Our Team

Our Brands

UTZ's Friends

Foolish enough to dare and make a difference in this world

We share great moments, stories, ideas and projects. They have brought the support of their organizations. They have believed, encouraged, supported us (many from the very early stages) and we will always have them in our hearts and as a key part of our story.


He grew up in Honduras, went to the US on a soccer scholarship, then during a two-week vacation in Guatemala (where his father is from), ended up falling in love with the country and decided to stay and study marketing (he’s almost done!). Worked for the largest soccer club in Guatemala and volunteered with non-profits for a few years until he decided to quit his job and start UTZ.

An entrepreneur and a student, he enjoys quiet meditation on his own and brings positive energy wherever he goes, way too often cheers people up with a little dance. He wants to make his mom and dad proud every single day! Oh, and he loves soccer and his hat, which is with him 24/7.


Born and raised in Guatemala is an industrial engineer and specialized in project management. He volunteered since very young in social causes which led him to work for both, non-profit and for profit sectors for several years before quitting to start UTZ. He’s great at meeting new people and always has a good story to tell.

He asks questions and puts plans into action. He is a HUGE music fan and creates perfect playlists for any occasion! He loves to cook, yoga and is a pescetarian. He longs to travel the world while pursuing a balanced, compassionate and healthy way of living.


Born and raised in Guatemala is the original entrepreneur in the team. He started his own professional interpreting company when he was 18 years old and has worked with many non-profit and for-profit entities. Has a vast experience in development and is a great visionary.

He pieces together the parts of a never-ending path and develops new ideas. Whatever happens, please have coffee ready for him in the morning, or else beware! He enjoys nature and hiking and loves connecting to his homeland.


Born and raised in Guatemala is industrial engineer and a genius with numbers. Worked for a large soft drink company and grew really fast inside the structure, however he always wanted something more than being in an office. He quit his job 15 days after the UTZ idea was born, and became a key person in the team and last co-founder. He makes everything run smoothly and always has a wise and honest advice.

Loves to watch movies and read Chuck Palahniuk books. He is an excellent board game player and dreams to one day direct a film, own a home with a hydroponic garden, and always be happy.


Born and raised in Guatemala went to Argentina to obtain her Art Director degree. Has a vast experience in graphic design, concept creation and is a respected designer in Guatemala. She believed in UTZ when she heard the concept in its early stages and now is a key part of our visual personality and essence.

She loves tattoos (has several), animals, photography and coffee. Is a traveler and has always-positive energy. You can see her always with her camera taking pictures everywhere she goes. She hopes to become a famous photographer (which she kind of already is) and make her parents proud.


Founded by two entrepreneurs from the city, Gaby and Marush design beautiful beaded goods that are handmade by women in a town near beautiful Lake Atitlan.



Born from the heart of the UTZ Team, we work incubate designs with independent artisans to bring handmade products that have amazing design and make sense for the world. We encourage our artisans to create their own workshops and become entrepreneurs.



A young designer form Guatemala, she is creative and always has a positive vibe. Her vision is to create products for women that help shoe artisans from different communities in Guatemala. She mixes handmade shoe making with upcycled huipiles to create amazing shoes.



Born from the heart of an artisan in La Limonada ("The Lemonade"), one of the largest slums in Central America. Don Otto, who was involved in gangs early in his life, now has a workshop that helps at-risk youth learn a skill so they can foresee a better future.



This brand gets its inspiration from Guatemala’s natural beauty. Two designers joined forces to create completely new products that mix exotic design with old and new methods for handmade fabrics, organic and environmentally sustainable materials, to create beautiful modern products.



Started by two industrial design teachers from Rafael Landívar University in Guatemala, this brand focuses on creating modern designs, using the classic handmade methods for their fabrics. They hire skillful artisans to assemble the products by hand to create high quality, fashionable items.



Started by one guy with a simple vision: Create stylish leather accessories that organize and simplify life, and provide income for artisans that work with leather. Supported by some of his friends created SIMPLE. Quality leather-products with a vision.



TOJ means mother in the Mayan language. Created by two super energetic girls that use a new creative design for sandals, this brand seeks to support artisan women around Guatemala and show through their products the colorful colors of our country.



Started by a young Guatemalan girl and now joined by her sister. Based on Mayan concepts, their accessories are brought to life through the hands of Guatemalan artisans. TIONNE invests in the education of their artisans' children to create a better future for Guatemala and its families.



A couple of dreamers, Johannes (environmental studies) and Veruska (shoe designer), created an all-upcycled shoe using organic, handmade materials. The result is an amazingly comfortable shoe that looks great and supports economic growth.