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  • What happens with the water that has a lot of lime?

The water must be left to rest so that the lime settles, then take the water from above so that the Ecofiltro can purify it. If the water is poured directly with lime, the life of the Water Purifier will be less than two years.


  • How often, and how, do you wash the Water Purifier?

It is washed every six months, only with the water that purifies the Ecofiltro, without soap, without chlorine; first from the outside with a soft sponge and finally the inside.


  • How can I be sure of the quality of water produced by the Ecofiltro?

The Ecofiltro technology uses 3 important components in water purification: the clay traps sediments and parasites, the activated carbon eliminates the bad smell, color, and the taste of the water; and colloidal silver with its bacteriostatic and bactericidal properties eliminates 99.99% of bacteria in water. The technology is proven in more than 5,000 laboratory tests carried out from 1981 to date.


  • What happens if I use the Ecofiltro for more than 2 years?

The quality of the water obtained could decrease, since after 2 years the elements of the Ecofiltro begin to suffer wear and tear and its purification capacity decreases.


  • Can soap or chlorine be applied to the Ecofiltro to disinfect it?

No. For no reason, put soap, chlorine or any other chemical into the Ecofiltro. The porous nature of the Ecofiltro would trap the soap or other chemical, and the water would have the taste. Your eco-filter arrived fully sterilized, so all you have to do is follow the installation instructions.


  • What happens if I contaminated my Ecofiltro?

Unfortunately, if the Ecofiltro has been mishandled and exposed to contamination on the side facing the container, there is no method to disinfect it; and it should be exchanged for a new one. If this is your case, please contact your sales advisor to find out what solutions we can provide.


  • What should I do if my Ecofiltro turns green?

The only reason the Ecofiltro turns green is that the colloidal silver has been deactivated (by exposure to sunlight), in which case the water purifier needs to be replaced.


  • How long is the warranty for my Ecofiltro?

The warranty lasts for 6 months for manufacturing defects; from the date the Ecofiltro is sold to the end customer.


  • How can I measure the filtration rate in my house?

Drain all the water that comes out of the faucet of your Ecofiltro, then fill your water purifier. Wait an hour and after that time, draw the water again into a container with a meter. This way, you will know how much you are filtering per hour. The range is between 1 and 2 liters per hour.


  • How does the Ecofiltro remove the color, smell, and taste of the water?

Activated carbon has a physical property called adsorption, which by means of attractive forces (like magnets) called “London forces”, attract and retain apolar molecules, such as dyes, bacteria, etc. Thus, any element that causes color, odor, and taste in the water is retained in the carbon.


  • Does the Ecofiltro remove viruses?

Since most of the diseases transmitted by water are bacterial or parasitic, no in-depth studies on viruses have been carried out.


  • What type of water can be put in the Ecofiltro?

Water from any source that is for human consumption can be used, except from the sea.


  • Can I filter hot or cold water with the Ecofiltro?

It is not recommended to use the filter with hot water. The materials that make up the filter are not resistant to high temperatures and may reduce the life of the filter unit.


  • Is filtered water safe for babies?

Yes, the Ecofiltro is safe for babies as it removes bad contaminants from tap water, leaving it a purer and healthier water.


  • What is pewter?

The vitrified or porcelainized steel also known as Pewter is the fusion, by a thermal process, of an enamel (pulverized glass) as a cover and steel as a base. Our products are manufactured with first quality steel. Once the body of the products is formed, they are prepared to receive the enamel.

The enamel is fused to the steel in the finishing furnace at temperatures ranging from 750°C to 850°C. As it melts on the steel and then cools, the glass forms a smooth and resistant surface on the metal. This results in products with unique characteristics that are very difficult to match with other materials.
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