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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy
 We believe that empowerment comes from within and real change comes from creating opportunities rather than giving handouts. Empowered people take charge of their lives; they build strong communities and become leaders of their communities and countries. These are the people we are partnering with to bring you UTZ Market.
 This enables artisans, small scale producers and local brands to earn a better income through a direct trade model, selling directly to customers internationally. By creating a marketplace where buyers purchase directly from the makers we are creating a more inclusive and caring economy.
Each brand we work with is unique but equally are all change-makers. From the 100% female owned and operated companies & coops, to businesses investing in education & skill development, diverting waste, recycling, creating sustainable jobs, or conserving natural resources; each brand is changing the context of Guatemala through powerful change.  
 With every purchase you make on UTZ Market, you are deciding to support a more transparent and ethical world. You are choosing to care, choosing dignity for the makers and the planet.
Learn more about the impact and business models behind our partner brands on our blog.
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