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Filtering Unit

Filtering Unit


  • $119.00

EcoFiltro is your in-home water filtration and purification system. The filtering unit is produced out of 3 natural materials, clay, sawdust and colloidal silver. Together these materials have the following characteristics:

  • Clay creates micro channels within the inner walls of the filtering unit and catches all contaminants that the water contains, such as solids, bacteria and parasites. 
  • Sawdust becomes activated carbon and removes the bad smell, taste and turbidity of water coming from any source (stream, river, well, lake or pond).
  • Colloidal silver is impregnated on the surface of the ceramic filter after it has been fired in the kiln. Colloidal silver is a bactericide used worldwide to purify water and has no side effects. This serves as a second protector to neutralize the contaminants.
  • The filtration unit can clean from 1 to 2 liters of water per hour.
  • The filtration unit will last for 1-2 years depending on the care you give it.
  • 29L X 33W X 34H 

Learn more about EcoFiltro, the product and their projects on their site.

The Box contains just one replacement Filtering Unit

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Refunds & Exchanges: EcoFiltro is a non-returnable, non-exchangeable, non-refundable product. The only exception being if the container or filter arrive damaged from transit. You will need to file a formal complaint to with proof of damage in an image. This process may take up to 21 days to resolve.

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