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Give Gifts that Give Dignity this Holiday Season

Posted by Alejandra Campollo on

This holiday season give gifts that not only put smiles on the faces of your loved ones but that also puts a smile of the face of the person who crafted the goods. This year UTZ Market is bringing you 3 customizable bundles that make great gifts for the ladies, the men, and the yogis in your life. Each product is handcrafted by Guatemalan artisans and provides them with a dignified income. Meet the participating brands below and check out what each bundle has to offer.

Meet The Brands:

Up-cycled, hand crafted, drinking glassesGrønn, a social enterprise that provides jobs for women in one of the most vulnerable areas of Guatemala City while promoting a culture of sustainability. Grønn has created a recycling program for local restaurants and has collected over 115,000 glass bottles to date. The women who work here have meaningful, reliable, full time employment crafting the bottles into glasses, planters, and these beautiful candles set the perfect ambiance in any setting. 

Hand crafted leather goods for Men and WomenCatalino is an amazing young man, father, and entrepreneur who together with his wife Nohemi started N&C Leather. Catalino is the first traditional artisan that UTZ Market incubated, and together we developed a brand and a collection that showcases his passion for creating genuine leather goods with a modern style for me. Catalino first began working with leather when he was just 15 years old, crafting the soles of leather shoes to pay for his schooling after his parents stopped supporting him financially.

Fair trade certified Hand Woven Holiday GiftsY’abal is a fair trade organization that partners with indigenous women’s weaving cooperatives in the highlands of Guatemala who were affected by Hurricane Stan, a catastrophic storm that left the region in ruins. Together artisans and Y’abal are rebuilding the future of these communities and when you purchase this bundle you are supporting the weavers to earn a dignified income while preserving their culture and providing for their family. 

Creamo Futuros Gifts for YogisCreamos is an incredible organization dedicated to generating income, providing emotional support, and creating educational opportunities for women who live around the Garbage Dump in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Creamos creates a safe space for mothers and children in what is a very challenging area due to high levels of poverty and violence. The women earn dignified incomes by creating upcycled goods and accessories. 

For Yogis - A Holiday Gift Bundle

Holiday Gift Bundle for Yoga LoversWe believe that empowerment comes from within, but it can also come from women supporting women, yogis supporting yogis, mothers supporting mothers, people supporting people. The Mala Beads & Bracelet are handcrafted by mothers in the Creamos program The “I Can I Will” tank exemplifies their hard work and dedication these women put into to learning, growing, and providing a better future for themselves and their families. It is a symbol that will embolden you to drive change in your life. The women of Grønn crafted the 3 beautiful candles in this bundle, perfect for setting the mood and creating a space for your yoga practice. By purchasing this bundle you are supporting women from one of the most conflicted parts of Guatemala to earn a better future, to send their children to school, and to grow their dreams. So go ahead and treat yourself or a loved one because empowered women empower women.

For Him - A Holiday Gift Bundle

Great Gifts for Men This year surprise then men in your life with the perfect gifts that not only fit their personal style but also support the hustlers behind the products. We know how particular men can be which is why this bundle gives you options. Combine the products to create the perfect present for your partner, your father, your brother,  your best friend. Choose from 3 styles of handcrafted leather wallets, 3 personal accessories, and of course a candle to bring a bit of beauty and zen to his life.

For Her - A Holiday Gift Bundle

Great Gifts that Give BackGift that special lady, girl boss, bestie, sister, mother, daughter, lover a gift that will not only bring a smile to her face but gives dignity to the producers behind the products. The scarves are woven by hand by women in the highlands of Guatemala and will make the perfect accessory any time of the year. The candle will warm up the atmosphere in any setting while representing a brighter future for the women who crafted them. Liven up any bag with the handmade leather bag tassel from N&C Leather.

Shop these bundles, and all the products on UTZ Market, with peace of mind knowing each product creates opportunities in the lives of the people who make the products. Happy Holidays!

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