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Meet the Team

We are a community of social entrepreneurs, hustlers and lady bosses with a deep love of exploring the world. We’re headquartered in Antigua, Guatemala. This beautiful city and country provide us with daily inspiration, she is our ‘muse’ if you will.  
We love hearing new ideas, exploring big problems, working towards innovative solutions, and kicking back on a Friday night with a cocktail or brownie sundae.
So you see we are just a band of normal people who believe in good vibes and the pursuit of happiness, and what makes us happy is creating an inclusive global economy via e-commerce - weird? Maybe but hey let’s celebrate what makes us different.

We are UTZ. UTZ means good.

Meet the Team:

Meet Jon -
Jonathan, our Big Boss & co-founder who is sometimes known as ‘papa Jon’. He continues to amaze with his random yet purposeful life history: med-student turned interpreter, turned corporate world minion turned small business hustler. Jon is constantly dropping some deep wisdom and generating big ideas. He has always been a serial entrepreneur and is the guiding force of UTZ Means Good. Jon believes in the power of people when they are given a fighting chance.



Meet ChechoChecho is the piña in the fruit cocktail that is UTZ, he’s the perfect combination of sweet and tart- just the way we like it. He is all about connecting with people, making them laugh, and ensuring that when they leave our office they feel as though they are part of a bigger family. He’s an original co-founder and is the point man in making sure UTZ grows and connects with people all over the world from Guatemala to Honduras (where he is originally from) to the US to Europe and Afghanistan to Israel and South Africa.

Meet Hubert
gets ship done, literally. He is the Director of UTZ Box so he over sees that each and every product, from the moment the maker drops off it off at UTZ Market HQ until it lands happily in your hands. He’s been with UTZ since the beginning as a co-founder, master networker and our logistics mastermind. He is shifting paradigms in Guatemala by connecting people with innovative ideas to collaborators that can create real change.

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